The snapControl is our proven concept how easy, simple and efficient and cost effective media control can be today! Working with the snapControl is that easy as configuring your broadband router at home! This solution fulfills all demands which you might have in small to medium size meeting rooms today.

The ecosystem around snapControl is growing much this year. Especially in combination with snapModular and snapPro you have unexpected opportunities to create flexible and powerful media ecosystems with less effort.

Product Specification

  • RJ45 connector for TCP/IP connectivity
  • simple configuration via web browser (no drivers or setups required)
  • 8 RJ12 ports for push buttons with LED feedback
  • 4 bidirectional RS232 ports
  • 4 virtual TCP ports for TCP device control
  • snapNet compatible
  • power supply and mounting brackets included
  • software features like waits, counter volume controller, … included


Pin Assignment - Control Unit Operation Manual - German TCP-IP - German Datasheet