The snapPro completes our media control solution with a powerful rack mountable central controller, which has Linux computing power inside. There are two ideas behind this product.

First, it gives you the opportunity to make one big media control and diagnostic infrastructure together with snapControl or snapModular. The snapPro can use their hardware and so their connections to periphery devices live projectors or switchers as they were connected directly. This allows you for example to monitor your source usage and lamp hours for all of your rooms over one simplified interface.

Second, the snapPro has the opportunity to be programmed freely – so you have no limits in the realization of complex projects.

Software features of the snapPro will be:

  • central management of snapControl or snapModular
  • global system diagnostics of all attached systems
  • management dashboard which works with system macros of the snapControl or snapModular
  • therefore you have room and source usage information out of the box
  • process asset failure or projector lamp time in daily or weekly reports
  • firmware and configuration management of attached devices centralized.

snapPro is coming Q42017!

Product Specification

  • 700MHz ARM core processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 4GB FLASH Memory
  • 2 companion processors for the fast periphery integration
  • 16 IO ports with LED feedback
  • 8 bidirectional RS232 ports
  • 8 relay ports
  • 4 RJ45 ports with integrated network switch
  • 2 snapNet ports
  • power supply included