The snapLight is our completly new approach of how easy media control is today. It comes in a huge variety of preprogrammed and tested applications which are designed to meet your customer requirements. Because nobody is needed to program or set up the media controller this solution gives you competive advantages in time and money..

Check out our variations site. There you find a complete overview of existing snapLight configurations with detailed specification for each of them. In general all our SIGNAL MANAGEMENT products which are controlable can be handled with snapLight. Also common protocols like Kramer‘s protocol 2000 or AMX AutoPatch are implemented.

Product Specification

  • Plug & Play
  • no programming or configuration required
  • 8 RJ12 ports for push buttons with LED feedback
  • 2 bidirectional RS232 ports
  • power output for a second device like a switcher, so only one power supply is required
  • snapNet compatible
  • power supply and mounting brackets included
  • everything already wired, so no additional accessory cables are required for installation